Our goal is to effectively add and retain value to your assets and to achieve optimal yield within the chosen investment strategy.

Investments in private banking

 The first place to learn more about the world of investments is the bank’s investment portal available at It offers current economic analyses, market development insights, and information about investment products.

The investment portal contains references to new products offered by the bank as well as a securities search tool. In addition, the portal lets you create your own virtual portfolio.

Investment portal


RBroker - online access to your investments

RBroker is a system providing online access to trading on capital markets. Having your investment portfolio under control is essential.

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 Trading is available on banking days between 8:30 and 18:00

Securities and other investment tools are valued at current market prices and are calculated using risk indicators that allow you to get a quick view of your risk, yields or losses from investments. You can place orders and conclude trades in real time. Trading is largely automated; however, the system is under the supervision of our Treasury dealers.

To get access

To access the system, you need to conclude a Brokerage contract. Please contact your banker to arrange for your access to the system.