FWR Private Equity Fund I

FWR Private Equity Fund I is a closed-end fund, which carries out investments primarily into Genesis Private Equity Fund IV L.P., which further invests into middle-sized companies with middle-sized capitalization and significant potential for appreciation (private equity). Furthermore, the fund can invest into conservative instruments and financial derivatives. The fund is intended for qualified investors with investment horizon of 10-12 years, with capital market investment experience, who are willing to accept high degree of risk associated with investments into narrow range of selected subjects, while these investments can show very low liquidity. The fund is managed by Raiffeisen investiční společnost a.s.

Private equity investment

Significant appreciation potential

Investment horizon 10-12 years

Basic information about the Fund

ISIN    CZ0008476249
Fund type Qualified Investor Fund
Currency CZK 
Entry fee purchases are currently not possible
Exit fee redemptions are currently not possible
Management fee 1,5 %
Performance fee up to 10 % of revenues exceeding 5 % p.a.

Any fee, that is not presented in the table, will not be applied.

Investor notice

This is a closed-end qualified investor fund, managed by Raiffeisen investiční společnost a.s. Fund realizes investments into private equity and therefore invests up to 100% of its assets into Genesis Private Equity Fund IV L.P. Information about investment strategy can be found in paragraph 8 of the Fund prospectus. The client bears the full risk associated with the investment. Investments into mutual funds are not a bank deposit and are not insured within the scope of the Deposit insurance fund. Investments into mutual funds are associated with investment risks including possible loss of the invested amount. Past performance is not a reliable indicator or guarantee of the same performance in future periods. Value of fund units can decrease as well as increase. Tax treatment depends on the individual situation of each customer and may change in the future. Raiffeisenbank a.s. does not provide tax advisory and therefore the investor bears full responsibility associated with mutual fund investment tax impact. Performance fee of up to 10% of the Fund´s revenue exceeding 5% a year can be charged. This fee is charged in case of Fund units redemption or in case of Fund termination and is due during settlement. Addition information about fees and risks associated with the investment, key information document as well as Fund prospectus are available in Czech language at www.fwr.cz. The Fund may be offered publically; however, only qualified investors within the meaning of Act No. 240/2013 Coll. on investment management companies and investment funds, as amended, may become its shareholders.