Gold is an attractive and well-proven way to store money and spread risk, and is therefore a convenient addition to your portfolio. Within an investment portfolio, it serves as a safeguard for periods of high inflation or financial crisis.

In general, it is appropriate to invest a maximum of 5–10% of your portfolio in gold. The more risky the other components of your portfolio are, the greater the proportion of gold in your portfolio should be.

Benefits of Investment in Gold

Risk diversification

A reasonable proportion of gold in the portfolio can have a positive effect on the client’s investment portfolio.

Protection against inflation and falling financial markets

Gold tends to be negatively correlated with stock market trends.

Easy convertibility

Gold can be easily converted into cash at any time and anywhere in the world. It is a safeguard for uncertain times.

Long-term stability

Despite short-term market fluctuations, gold prices are relatively stable over the long term.

Offer of Gold

Raiffeisenbank offers FWR private banking clients investment gold in the form of Münze Österreich-branded bullion bars and coins. Münze Österreich is a world-renowned Viennese mint that has been dealing with precious metal processing and mintage for over 800 years. All bullion coins and bars have a fineness of 999.9/1000 Au (i.e. 24 carats) – they are pure gold. Each bullion coin or bar is labelled including the name of manufacturer, weight, fineness and a unique serial number.


  • 1      Unze Wiener Philharmoniker (31,10 g)
  • 1/2   Unze Wiener Philharmoniker (15,55 g)
  • 1/4   Unze Wiener Philharmoniker (7,78 g)
  • 1/10 Unze Wiener Philharmoniker (3,11 g)


The following weights of bullion bars are available:

1 kg, 500 g, 250 g, 100 g, 50 g, 20 g, 10 g, 5 g, 2 g, 1 g.

The 1 g, 5 g and 10 g bullion bars are protected by a special Kinegram™ safety feature.

Practical Information

Raiffeisenbank offers its clients both sale and repurchase of investment gold.

• Buying and selling gold through Raiffeisenbank is safe, quick and easy.

Trades in gold are made under a Gold trading master agreement and only on the basis of instructions given by the client.

Raiffeisenbank offers its clients the option of renting a safe deposit box exclusively for depositing gold at a discount of 50 % compared to the standard price.

     Tip for a present

KINEBAR bullion bar

The 1 g, 5 g and 10 g bullion bars feature a unique engraving of the Lipizzaner horse, which also serves as a security element known as the KINEGRAM™. Depending on the angle at which the design is viewed, the horse and rider appear to jump.

This is why these bars are favoured as gifts and can even be worked into jewellery.


Raiffeisenbank a.s. warns that investing in gold is associated with a number of risk factors that may affect the return or loss on the investment. The value of gold and its yield may increase or decrease, and there is no guarantee that the amount originally invested will be recovered. Neither past performance nor expected performance is an indicator of future performance. Since gold is traded in a currency other than CZK, the value of the investment and its yields are subject to foreign exchange risk. Raiffeisenbank a.s. does not guarantee the buyback of gold. Taxation of the customer’s property always depends on the customer’s personal circumstances and may change.