An investment product giving the opportunity to add value to your available money with an attractive interest rate in a short-term investment horizon. The return is paid on the previously agreed term with the interest disbursed in the original or an alternative currency.

Appropriate uses of the product


A structured term deposit is a particularly suitable investment product in the following cases:

  • you are willing to assume a greater risk associated with currency conversion for expecting higher returns on the invested amount

  • you are planning to hold a certain, currently weakening, currency, believing that this currency will continue to decline vis-a-vis the alternative one; then, higher interest applied to the initial investment may compensate possible adverse movement of the foreign exchange rate and you are more likely to receive the return in the basic currency

  • in a situation of a long-term decline of interest rates

  • you use frequently different currencies and it does not largely matter to you which currency you receive as return on the investment

Main product features

Deposit maturity ranges between one week to three months

Low investment volume required - starting at CZK 100 000

Can be traded online via RBroker or over the telephone

Compared to conventional term deposits, it involves a higher foreign-exchange risk but also a higher interest yield

How a structured term deposit works

Amount and basic currency

Choose the amount you wish to invest, for example CZK 100 000. In this case, the Czech crown is your basic currency. Also, you can invest in various other currencies.

Maturity term

You can choose a maturity term of 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or 3 months. The longer the maturity, the higher the interest.

Alternative currency and difference exchange rate

Choose one alternative currency to the basic one for optional payment of the return - for example the euro.

Effective exchange rate

Finally, it is necessary to set up an effective exchange rate (here, it is the EUR/CZK exchange rate). According to this previously set rate, the bank decides whether the money and interest will be paid in the basic or the alternative currency. Let’s suppose that you have set the effective rate at 26.300 CZK for 1 EUR. If at the time of disbursement  the CZK exchange rate is above 26.300, your funds will be paid out in the basic currency (CZK in the present case). If the current rate is below the effective rate, the money will be paid in the alternative currency (EUR).