To make your initial user experience as comfortable as possible we arranged a tutorial video for you. You can find here also more about the new functions, important changes in the new application as well as answers to your frequent questions.

Should you have another questions, please contact your private banker who will be happy to walk you through the new application.

 Watch the video with English narrotor.


Internetové bankovnictví instruktážní video


When and how

Here you can learn about how we are going to launch the new application and inform you about the launch date.

News and changes

Are you interested in finding out what is new in our internet banking? Look at a summary of the most important changes and new functions.


Refer to the FAQ section to find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you have any specific questions, please contact directly your private banker.

When and how

How we are going to inform you

We will let you know of the exact date of launching your new Internet and mobile banking applications by a message in your existing Internet banking, by email and, one day in advance, we will also remind you by SMS.

When and how the change will take place

In order to minimise any inconvenience related to limitations of Internet banking services, the migration will take place during the night. Both applications will be unavailable for a necessary period. The other services, such as cash withdrawals from ATMs and card payments, will be fully functional during the launch.

Logging into your new application

Once the launch of applications will be completed, you will be able to log into your internet and mobile banking as you are used to – from After entering your client number and clicking the SEND CODE button, new login page will pop up to complete your login process. Your login data for Internet as well as mobile banking remains unchanged.

The TOP new functions

Useful overview of all your products including investments right on the main page.

The page design and control mechanisms adapt for optimized use whether you use your PC, tablet or your mobile phone.

Simplified funds transferring between your own accounts, easy and quick set up of SEPA and foreign payment.

Improved navigation through all your payments thanks to the using full-text searches and the ability to configure and save advanced filters.

Simple repayment of your credit card balance with just a few clicks.

Better control about activity on your account or card payments thanks to intuitive setup of the “Inform me” alert service.

The most significant changes

Notifications of all changes to your account

We will no longer send any “Inform me” notifications by mail, by fax or via your internet banking application inbox. You will now be notified of all changes to your account either by a text/SMS message or email. It is important for us that you have your finances safely under control and that is why we are only going to send electronic notifications to devices that are always at your fingertips.

Consolidation of your login information

It is necessary to verify and consolidate your login information before switching to the new internet banking. Those of you who currently have more than one client number/user name shall be contacted about the steps that need to be taken. You need to select just one set of login credentials that you will use from that point on; all others will be deleted. This will help us to better secure the safety of your finances.

Decommission of rarely used services

We want the content of the new internet banking application to be as well-arranged and simple as possible. This is why we have decided to decommission services that were only rarely used. The following services will not be available in the new internet banking application:

  • Payment limits to a specific counterparty account
  • Standing collection orders
  • Payment in cash to a postal address