Do you need any advice regarding how to use the new internet banking or do you need more information? Refer to the following section or contact your private banker who will be happy to walk you through the new application


My investment´s valuations are not displayed correctly. How can I verify them?

The orders and their valuation depends on the market, either bought on regulated market (stock exchange) or settled on OTC (off-exchange). To verify the valuations of certificates please go to the issuer´s pages www.rcb.at. Fill in the ISIN into the top-right corner and you will get all the information. For up-to-date prices of shares please use common browsers like google finance or contact your private banker.

I forgot my password for RBroker application. How do I restore it?

In case you do not have the envelope with the password for RBroker application, please contact your private banker for a new envelope. You can also log in to the application directly from your internet banking by clicking the RBroker button in the Investments pane. There you will only need your password to confirm the funds transfer from investment account to current account.


How can I receive confirmation about a payment?

Payment confirmations can be retrieved in the main menu “PAYMENTS” and the left submenu “List of outgoing payments”. In the upper part, select the account whose payments you wish to display. In the “Executed” tab you can see all the payments for the selected period. By clicking on the selected payment its details page will be displayed and you can find the “PDF Confirmation” button there, which will start the confirmation PDF generation.

What happens when I cancel or change a standing order? Will any payment be made after that?

In addition to cancelling the standing order’s current payment, all future payments which were supposed to have been made based on it will also be cancelled. If you do not cancel the order and only change the date of the next payment, the payments up to this date will be made in accordance with the original setting. All payments after this date will be made in accordance with the new setting.

What is the advantage of a bulk payment? How can I establish one?

The main advantage of bulk payments is the ability to prepare payments and then certify all of them using a single certification code. You may prepare such multiple payments using the same form for making a new payment. In Step 2 page, click on the “Save for signing” link instead of “REQUEST CODE”. You will then be switched over to the “List of outgoing payments” and you can create another payment similarly. In the end tick off the payments, which should be sent in a bulk, in the “List of outgoing payments” in the tab “To be signed” and click on the “SIGN PAYMENTS” button. You can then certify the payments with a single SMS code and I-PIN code.

Accounts and Bank Statements

Where can I activate or block foreign currencies?

Currency folders may be activated or blocked in the settings for each particular account. Click on the “ACCOUNTS” main menu and then select in the overview the current account for which you wish to activate a new currency folder. Select “Account Details” from the left-hand-side menu, then select “Detail and settings” submenu. In the bottom part of the page displayed, you will see a table overview of the currency folders that you may use. A currency folder may be activated by clicking on the “Changelink on the particular currency line. Should you wish to activate a currency folder that you cannot find in the displayed overview, please contact your private banker or visit any of our branches to have it activated.

What does a “blocked” Currency folder status mean at the “Currency Folder” section?

The “Blocked by client for incoming payments” status means that no one can send you any payments for this currency folder. “Blocked by client for outgoing payments” means that you may receive money for the given currency folder, but you may not send payment from the currency folder. “Blocked by client” means that it is not possible to receive or send any payments using the given currency folder.

How can I obtain an older statement which is not visible in the internet banking?

After migrating to the new internet banking, monthly statements for the previous 18 months may be retrieved. If you need an older statement, please contact your private banker, who will be happy to help you.

I am a former client of Citibank. Where can I find my statements?

The statements of all former Citibank clients can be displayed by clicking on “Documents” icon in the top right-hand corner over the main menu. Click on “Citibank statements” submenu in the “List of documents” in the left-hand-side to display the overview page with the statements for download.

Credit and Debit Cards

How can I block a credit card?

A permanent blocking may only be carried out via the free NONSTOP info line at 800 900 900.

Where can I view statements for my credit card?

In the main menu “CARDS” choose in the overview the requested credit card. Click on the “Statements” item in the left-hand-side menu. A list of statements that can be easily filtered or downloaded will be displayed. If you are the holder of a credit card that migrated from Citibank, the history of statements for the past three years can be found under the “Documents” icon after clicking on the “Citibank Statements” submenu item in the left-hand-side menu “List of documents”.

Can I unblock already blocked debit card? How do I block it via theinternet banking?

Any card blocking done by the client is permanent and irrevocable. This is to keep your finances secure. If you cannot find you card or if it is not under your control, this must be addressed. In such an event, always call our free NONSTOP info line at 800 900 900 or block your card directly via the internet banking. Click on “CARDS” main menu and select in the overview the debit card which you wish to be blocked. Click on the “Block Card” button in the details page of the selected card in the bottom left-hand side.

Login and User Settings

I´m not able to log into my mobile banking application. What shall I do?

We published a new version of the mobile banking application. Please make sure you have the automatic actualizations set up on your phone. If not, please run an update manually following these instructions.

I want to log into my internet banking, but I can´t.  What shall I do?

Always log in through official web site www.fwr.cz and "Login" portlet in the top right corner of the screen. Please do not use other web sites you might have saved as "Favourite", or links you got from browsers.

I have forgotten my login credentials, how can I retrieve it?

If you have forgotten your I-PIN/T-PIN, please contact your private banker. To unblock, it is necessary to make a phone call from the registered phone number to which your authorization text messages are sent.