MasterCard World Elite for Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen private banking clients is the most prestigious credit card on the Czech market. The range of insurance benefits offered with the card is unrivalled.

Credit card benefits

  • The exclusive MasterCard World Elite credit card is available to private banking clients only

  • Concierge is a unique service making you comfortable anywhere in the world

  • Access to more than 1000 airport lounges in 100 countries

  • Superior insurance and travel assistance for more comfortable travel and convenience

Unique Concierge service

Concierge services can assist you in dealing with your affairs to let you enjoy every day easily in peace.

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  • Concierge travel advice gives you a wide range of information which you need before departure or during your trip
  • Hotel reservations and information about hotels
  • Information on air transport and booking of air tickets
  • Medical information
  • Translation services

Superior insurance and travel assistance

  • Personal liability insurance (up to EUR 1 million)
  • Emergency medical insurance (unlimited medical expenses)
  • Personal property insurance (up to EUR 1 000 per case)
  • Business equipment insurance (up to EUR 2 500 per case)
  • Assistance gives you, for example, information about visa requirements, required vaccinations, World Health Organization warnings or customs regulations

VIP airport lounge access

Access to more than 1000 VIP airport lounges at more than 320 airports in 100 countries of the world adds comfort to your trips. A visit to a VIP lounge lets you schedule meetings, write reports, make phone calls, work on a computer, or just relax, watch TV, read the news and enjoy refreshments in a pleasant private atmosphere while waiting for your plane.

 When travelling from Prague, you can also visit the Raiffeisenbank Lounge at the Vaclav Havel airport. The lounge offers an individual security check that saves you time spent at the airport.

Priority pass

  How to use Priority Pass

 The Priority Pass membership card is given to you automatically with the Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen credit card. The Priority Pass card entitles you to access VIP lounges and must always be presented at the entrance. For a list of airport lounges and more information about available services visit