Asset management employing technical analysis to select the best assets and to manage the portfolio.

Portfolio characteristics

 Portfolio management employs a mathematical model selecting the most-suitable assets based on technical analysis. Focus is on assets with a growth potential and resistance to market declines.

 The portfolio diversifies market and credit risk through investments in mutual funds. At the same time, a maximum decline of the asset value (drawdown) is defined (targeted). Thus, the portfolio is resistant to major declines in the markets. The portfolio’s currency risk may be tactically hedged.

 The portfolio is offered in EUR with a minimum volume of assets of EUR 200 000.

Investor types and their model portfolios

graf fwrmultiasset1

graf fwrmultiasset2

graf fwrmultiasset3



Sophisticated reporting provides you with useful information about the portfolio down to level of the particular securities. RBroker gives you an online view of the current structure of your FWR Multi Asset portfolio. This includes, in particular:

status report
transaction report
portfolio performance
cash transactions