Modern asset management combining all classes of assets including alternative investment instruments and allowing you to individually choose the appropriate investment strategy in line with your risk profile.

Portfolio characteristics and structure

The FWR Private banking portfolio is actively managed in order to achieve the highest return on the assets under management within the client’s risk profile.

Management of the risk part of the portfolio takes place through two container funds (special funds of funds). This way the portfolio gains a number of benefits.


Portfolio benefits

significantly lower transaction costs when purchasing investment instruments to a portfolio compared to the transaction costs under traditional asset management

if complying with the investment horizon (over 3 years), you are not exposed to significant tax

better diversification of investment risk

currency risk is tactically hedged

Investor types and their model portfolios

 FWR Private banking portfolio offers 4 model strategies with varying degrees of investment risk.

graf fwr1 konzervativni

graf fwr2 vyvazeny

graf fwr3 dynamicky

graf fwr4 agresivni


 Sophisticated reporting provides you with useful information about the structure of risk-involving and risk-free instruments in the container funds. RBroker gives you an online view of the current structure of your FWR Private banking portfolio. This includes, in particular:

status report
transaction report
portfolio performance
cash transactions