Private banking service FWR Wealth Management is specifically designed for our most important clients seeking comprehensive advisory in respect of their assets.

Komplexnost správy roste s objemem peněz, přičemž běžně dostupné nástroje nemusí naplnit očekávání klientů. The complexity of management rises with the amount of money, while generally available tools may not be sufficient to meet the clients' expectations. Intertwined business and private assets, deposits and investments and the relating tax and legal impacts are frequent issues.

FWR Wealth Management helps you find the ideal tools or tailored solutions. Such solutions may involve individual asset management combined with an overall view of your assets or creation of a custom fund to vest in your assets.

Cooperating with our tax and legal consulting partners, we will search for the optimal tool to arrange your funds to preserve them for the next generations.

If you are considering changes to your business, sale or expansion of your firm, we stand prepared to give you adequate support in collaboration with our investment banking colleagues.