We are actively seeking investment opportunities for your asset portfolio and evaluate the current situation on the financial markets. To do this, we employ the knowledge and experience of analytical teams of Raiffeisenbank a.s. and Raiffeisen Bank International, preparing a variety of analyses for us. As part of client service, these analyses can be sent to you by email on a regular basis.

Analysis prepared by Raiffeisenbank’s team in the Czech Republic

Daily news on developments in the domestic and international financial markets (focused in particular on the development of interest rates, foreign exchange rates with an emphasis on the USD/EUR, GBP/USD currency pairs, on Czech stocks and bonds).

Monthly evaluation of developments in global financial markets, outlook for stock markets and interest rates in the United States, Japan, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and in the Czech Republic.

Quarterly analysis focused on the overall view of the development of the Czech economy with an emphasis on economic growth, inflation, medium-term to long-term development of the CZK exchange rate and interest rates.

Analyses prepared by the Raiffeisen Bank International team

Daily analysis focused on events affecting stock markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Weekly evaluation and forecast of the development of stock and bond markets and exchange rates of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the euro area and the United States.

Quarterly analysis of the development of the economies of Central and Eastern Europe, advanced economies and emerging economies, especially in Asia, Latin America and South Africa.

Annual detailed analysis of the expected development of the various countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in particular the basic macroeconomic indicators, interest rates and exchange rates.

Brief analysis and forecast of developments in global foreign exchange markets.