Investment certificates suitably complement your portfolio and let you buy and sell them on any trading day, having the certainty of redemption by Raiffeisen CENTROBANK.

Main product features

Opportunity for tailored certificates with higher volumes


Payment of regular interest or yield at maturity and/or participation in returns

Suitable for growing, stagnant as well as declining markets

Products in various currencies - EUR, USD, CZK, etc.

Raiffeisen Centrobank


Raiffeisen Centrobank AG was founded in Vienna as Centro Internationale Handelsbank AG in 1973. In late 2001, it became part of the Raiffeisen financial group under the name of Raiffeisen Centrobank AG. Today, Centrobank is a leading investment bank in Central and Eastern Europe. It covers a wide range of services and products related to stocks and derivatives on exchanges and OTC markets.

 Centrobank is deservedly seen as the pioneer and market leader in structured products.

  The company actively responds to the current investment opportunities on financial markets and continuously issues new certificates based on different underlying assets (e.g. stocks, stock baskets, indices, commodities). Every investor can thus choose an investment certificate that matches his or her risk profile (such as an index, guaranteed, bonus, or turbo certificate). Raiffeisen Centrobank is a major asset manager and also the market leader in Austria. Centrobank provides a wide range of mutual funds with strategies covering the global markets.